Surprise cake party
From the goodie bag with yummy goodies
Poached apricots with Greek yoghurt
Raspberry Pinwheels for breakfast
Apple bundt cake

Burrata salad
Kale Tabbouleh 
Skagen toast for Swedish Midsommar
Awesome avocado romaine salad
Spiced apple relish for the best hot dogs ever
Soy dipping sauce for Chinese dumplings
Figs crostini
Pancetta, brie and pear tart appetizer
Hurray for watermelon salad
Manchego and fig salad with divine dressing
Tomatoes and nectarines salad
Roasted carrots with yogurt dip
Red coleslaw
Winter galette
Tarte soleil
Cajun pumpkin casserole
Sweet potato tart
Halloumi red quinoa salad
Tomato goat's cheese galette
Kale tabbouleh
Pineapple salsa
Salad for breakfast
5 tomato recipes to try 

Gin tonic with a hint of strawberries and thyme
Cointreau Fizz

New Year 2016 appetizers
New Year 2017 appetizers
New Year 2018 appetizers

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