About me


Content creator and social media consultant
Bitten by the food photography bug
Probably eating chocolate
Has written two cookbooks
Loves long train journeys
Always has a pen and a notebook in her bag, and three shades of red lipsticks
Has five polka dot dresses (yes, five), and only one pair of jeans
Lived in Ghent, Amsterdam, Leuven, Edinburgh, London, Brussels, Antwerp
Now dreams of a house by a lake surrounded by mountains
Loves cooking but one of her favourite meals is bread and butter
(only really good bread and really good butter)
Can't start the day without a mug of strong milky coffee
Likes a drop of milk in her Earl Grey tea too
Loves sunny chilly days in Spring,
sunny not too hot days in Summer,
sunny windy days in Autumn
and sunny freezing days in Winter
Makes a mean cocktail (and a friendly one too)
Learned to drink gin & tonic when living in London (couldn't keep up with the pints of beer)
Hates okra, sweetcorn and raw celery
Loves sweet potatoes so much she can eat them for breakfast
Makes the best ever carrot cake
Likes to eat well and travel often
Making pancakes relaxes her in the kitchen, making souffl├ęs doesn't
Never says no to a glass of champagne (the real bubbly). 
It was Bette Davis who said: “There comes a time in every woman's life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne.” 
Likes a wee dram of whisky in winter, reminds her of cold Edinburgh nights by an open fire
The vegetable peeler and white Le Creuset cooking pot are her two favourite kitchen items
Peonies, amaryllis and yes, irises are her favourite flowers

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