Ljubljana - The food market experience

Needless to say that when this foodie goes on holiday food plays the main role. When I stumble upon a food market my heart just skips a beat. I become this greedy monster that wants to try EVERYTHING! A glass of wine and two plates balancing on one hand while I switch from Iphone camera to DSLR camera with the other hand. It must be quiet a spectacle to see me going from one food stall to another. At the same time  as I am ordering food I am throwing ten different questions to the food stall sellers, trying to memorize everything for when I sit down and can take out my notebook. Last year when I visited Ljubljana I had a fabulous food market discovery. Odprta Kuhna in the centre of the city, close to the two bridges, is happening every Friday from Mid-March to end of October. 

The Slovenian kitchen is so diverse, a cross between Mediterranean and Balkan food traditions and not shying away from present food trends either. Black burger anyone? Or Austrian Kaiserschmarrn? A Hungarian goulash stew or Italian truffle pasta? And not to forget the fabulous Slovenian wines! You can also buy beautiful delicacies to bring home for your foodie friends. Try the traditional pumpkin oil or craft spirits, like the one made from leftover bread. 

The atmosphere is lively and relaxed with wooden tables around the stalls where you can eat all the local food. There is plenty of choice for vegetarians and vegans too. I wanted to try all the desserts, one more colourful than the other! 

I loved how they have sustainability and respect for nature so high as a standard: all the stalls have to give re-usable or biodegradable packaging and plates and everywhere are recycle bins. They encourage visitors to come by bike or public transport. Or just walk there, it is so easy and a lovely walk along the water! 

PS the photos are from last year Sept, check out their website for the newest vendors! 


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