Yogurt parfait for breakfastlovers

Hello peeps, I have a new Instagram account! Last month I started my #swonderfulbreakfast series of my favourite seasonal breakfasts. Every season I share 30 breakfasts and give you plenty of inspiration on great food to start the day with. Sometimes healthy, sometimes a little sweet sin. I can easily be as happy with a fruit yogurt parfait festively presently as a stack of American pancakes with maple syrup.

To start on a healthy note, here are some of the Summer yogurt parfait recipes: enjoy!

layer slices of figs + greek yogurt + granola + apricots
drizzle with honey

mash raspberries with a teaspoon of runny honey
layers mashed rapsberries + yogurt+ granola+ yogurt+ mashed raspberries
top with raspberries

layer kiwi +  yogurt+ granola + banana + yogurt + red berries

De-seed and cut fresh apricots into quarters, make a compote by softening them in a pot over low heat with one tablespoon of water, stir until softened, add 1/4 teaspoon orange blossom water and 1 tablespoon honey
layer apricot compote + greek yogurt+granola + yogurt, top with apricots and blueberries

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