Lunch with a view at Cafe d'O

Sitting on the sunny terrace of Café d'O, with a view of the river bend only interrupted by a yellow ferryboat in the distance, you would be forgiven to think that you are on day three of your summer holiday. All relaxed.

Eating at Cafe d'O doesn't just mean enjoying a great view, you are in for a treat with the tasty food as well. You can choose from an 'à la carte' menu featuring Belgian classics like shrimp croquette and steak or there is a seasonal menu that displays the full gastronomic catalogue of the chef.

We were invited in August to taste the Summer menu that I will describe below, but have a look at the website to see what fabulous autumn dishes they are preparing now. I went together with my sister, who also wrote about it on her blog . She is great with words and can describe dishes as if you are tasting them! 

The Menu

Every great meal has a great start and also here the appetizers and bread were super. The cardemon butter was particularly delightful, I am still thinking about it. Bread and butter, can't help it, when it is this good it always makes me weak in the knees. 

Sweet potato hummus with creamy feta and thin slices of grilled herby bread, a bowl of green olives with a crumble of black olives and a masterly presented plate of razor blades were set in front of us while we nipped on the house cocktail with lavender. 

The appetizers opened the taste buds for the feast of flavours that followed. Two beautiful starters with fish were gracefully presented. The first one was cod in two different versions. A lively blue plate arrived first with refined cod tartare topped with a crunchy slice of black radish and a sesame and seaweed crunch. The second cod starter showed the Asian touch that the chef likes to use in the form of dim sum with a spicy plum sauce.

Reading about the start you must already see I am so excited about everything I tasted at Cafe d'O. The whole menu was great but two dishes really stuck out for me. First there was the mackerel ceviche. The pure taste of the fish was beautifully teamed up with a refreshing tomato sorbet and was given a bite with al dente orechiette. 

The second one was the house speciality: eel in green sauce. This is a typical Belgian delicacy that I have eaten a lot. The Café d'O one is now top my list, it exceeded all my expectations. Vibrant green, deliciously flavoured without the overpowering sorrel taste you often have with this dish. No wonder the chef was invited to represent Belgium in a 'Paling in't groen' competition a few weeks ago. The green sauce had the right balance of herbs and spices and the sour touch so needed to complement with the greasy fish was discretely present on the plate. 

In between there also was a succulent slow roasted pork belly dish with a delicious caramelised celery sauce. 

The accompanying wines are excellent but make sure you try the paired juices. They are offered as a non-alcoholic alternative for the drinks but they were a real added value for me. They are more 'mocktails' than juices and that made them light and full of delicate flavours. The lavender juice in soft lilac was subtle and refreshing, the amber coloured pine needle juice a surprising warm flavour that worked perfectly with the accompanying meat. The rosemary and pear that came with the 'paling in 't groen' was just magnificent. I appreciated the full flavours of the dishes even more so, sipping from refreshing and festive drinks. 

I went for the sweet dessert and wasn't dissappointed with the high season cherry and mascarpone dish. My sister is a cheese lover and was pleasantly surprised with a fine selection of Spanish cheese by Belgium's finest cheese affineur Van Tricht.  The cheeses were presented with sweet brioche bread, honeycomb and a Spanish cherry.

The whole experience

The service was impeccable, friendly and warm and informative. The Staff is making constantly sure you are having a good time. We have always so many questions when they present the dishes. Where does it come from, what is that sauce, what should I start with. We love that interaction and you just felt really welcome here.

This lovely spot has so much 'wow' factor any season. We were there on a beautiful sunny day, but I guess even on misty days the river will bring the right atmosphere. Business lunch, dinner with friends, family birthdays, first dates, everybody will find an occasion to celebrate at Café d'O. Here you find great quality food that will please a mixed crowd. 

The river view is definitely a winner at Café d'O but I would like to mention that inside feels as airy and stylish. I loved the delightful flower installation hanging from the wooden beams, have a look om my Instagram stories highlights!

Café d'O

E. Verhaerenstraat 14A
2890 Sint-Amands
T: +32 52 50 37 60


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