The best gelato in Ljubljana

Nothing is better on a super hot day than a fabulous ice cream! There are many places in Ljubljana to find colourful scoops of ice cream but this one you shouldn't miss! 

The name alone makes your dream away: Gelateria Romantika

This gelato shop follows the traditional Italian hand-made gelato recipes. All ingredients here are fresh and mostly locally produced. The milk comes from Slovenian Sub-Alpine cows. There is an excellent choice of fruity and chocolaty gelati and sorbets, but most remarkable  are their amazing combinations: pineapple and sour cherries, stracciatella with fresh mint. 

Try the one with pumpkin seed oil if you dare or go to the dark side with the black sesame paste ice cream. I personally really loved the flavours of the fig cream and the Slovenian Potica cake with tarragon. The lady who served me told me that tarragon is quite popular in Slovenian desserts, for Christmas they make this sweet Potica cake that is spiced with tarragon. 

My standard to know a good gelato or ice cream is always to try the vanilla flavor and this one passed the test with gusto!

When you look at their website you see there will be a novelty soon: juicetto. Must go back! 

Now chose your flavour, take an Instagram shot in front of the logo wall and wander back to the river and enjoy your ice cream! 

Gelateria Romantika
Dvorni trg 1
1000 Ljubljana

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