Skagen toast for Midsommar

When I lived in Scotland, the winters were challenging dark and cold. I realised there how fantastic the first feeling is of days getting longer and the sun building up her summer strength.  That is why Midsommar is such an important date in the Swedish calendar. It's on my bucket list to once experience the midnight sun on the longest day of the year. I heard stories of how eerie and almost magical it feels.

My Midsommar feeling this year comes from a traditional recipe from Swedish cuisine. It involves toast, can't go wrong with toast isn't it?

Skagen toast was created in the fifties by a Swedish chef, Tore Wretman The name Skagen refers to a northern Danish fishing port and the combination dill and prawns is quintessential Swedish. The lemon juice and zeste give a nice freshness to the recipe. An easy starter for summer evenings. 

Want to know more about Swedish Midsommar traditions? Listen to the Olive Magazine podcast this week. 


bread slices you can toast
150 gr cooked and peeled prawns
100 gr mayonnaise
100 gr sour cream
small red onion
fresh dill leaves (leave some to decorate)
lemon juice and zeste
freshly ground black pepper and seas salt
fishroe (optional to decorate)

Cut a nice shape out of the bread (triangles, circles) and toast it. I used the typical soft brioche-like Swedish breads.
Mix the sour cream and mayo with the chopped fresh dill leaves in a bowl. Thinly chop the red onion and add to the mayo mixture. Add also the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of lemon zeste. Season with freshly ground black pepper and seas salt. Stir in the cooked prawns. Leave it in the fridge to cool a bit.

Put a dollop of the skagen mixture on each piece of toast, decorate with some dill sprigs and if you like (but I didn't have any in the house) add some fish roe.

(For the skinny version: try to swap mayo with Greek yogurt and if you like extra punch you can add a little bit of horseradish cream to the mayo mixture)

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