Figs crostini

High on the list of sexy food are these beauties: figs. Sensuous to feel and taste and then that sweet smell! A home perfume with fig is my favourite and I love to photograph them from every angle. 

In this recipe we are putting the fresh figs on toasted chiabatta and it is so divine! The combination of figs, honey, ricotta, lemon zeste and mint is the perfect formula to add a dolce vita vibe to my kitchen. I am putting Paolo Conte on repeat and pour myself a glass of Albana di Romagna white wine. Did you read the fairytale story of this wine?

1 ciabatta bread
fresh ricotta cheese
4 figs in slices 
fresh mint
lemon zeste
runny honey
freshly ground black pepper

Slice the ciabatta in pieces and toast them
Rinse the figs and pat them dry (careful, don't bruise them)
Spread some ricotta over the toasted ciabatta slices
Add slices of figs on top of the ricotta
Sprinkle with lemon zeste and fresh mint leaves
Drizzle honey over the crostini
Give it a little kick with a tiny bit of freshly ground black pepper

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