Trends for 2018

It is the end of the year, time to look a bit back and a lot forward. Every year starts with good intentions whether you like it or not, even when you are saying 'I don't have any', means you are intending to continue as before!
I always have a list of things I want to do and achieve in the new year. They aren't set in stone and don't worry, I don't feel depressed if I never reach them by Dec 31st. They are a guideline and writing them down is a moment of reflection for me.

What I managed to do this year:
I have a new kitchen and it is looking great, hurray!
I finally visited Lisbon and fell in love with it.
I went on lots of mini weekends away in Spring and Summer, being outdoors walking and cycling gave me the necessary vitamin D stock for the cold and dark winter months, haven't had a cold (yet).
Coming closer to nature: I slept in a tent above a torrential river - see here.
I have spent lots of time with my family in good and bad times, and I am grateful that I can take care of them when we need each other.

What I didn't do this year:
Again a year passed by without finishing a book, shame on me. (but I listened to podcasts!)
Again a year passed by without a visit to London. Promised reunion in 2018.
Working out: I had ad hoc fitness moments, with long intervals, ahum.
I didn't see my friends enough.

For 2018 I want to do more of what made me happy in 2017 and try to find ways to do more of what I couldn't do.

I went to a trend meeting a few weeks ago and one of the topics discussed there was the focus on "selfness" instead of "wellness".  My bathroom is nicely filled with lotions and creams and heavenly perfume. This is my little luxury for every day and I am not planning to get rid of them. However in 2018 I want to take more care of the mind too:

*more walks in nature
*more digital detox
*more moments of learning something new, a skill, a good book, a new recipe (lots!).
*more moments of making it cosy 
*more wabi sabi (not wasabi!). 'Perfect kills creativity' they said at the trend meeting.
*more mindfulness with food and trying moments of fasting. No denying it, getting older slows down metabolism.
*more decluttering, I want to half my wardrobe by the end of 2018 following the gentle art of Swedish Death Cleaning(Goegekregen, here I come)
*less garbage, I am really cutting out every plastic bag in 2018. I hardly ate fish this year after the horror stories of all the plastic in the ocean. I have always loved fish, even as a child. I want to enjoy fish again.

Fitness is already sorted until March: you will find me aqua zumba-ing in a swimming pool and following Meghan Markle's example I am picking up Pilates again. The classes are already paid, no way back now.

Wanderlust dreams: Iceland, Julian Alps Slovenia, Vienna, London, Oslo, Dijon.

I would like to end with a quote from one of the biggest trendsetters in the world: Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten, who dedicated his Spring/Summer 2018 collection to:

'The Optimist, she knows the rules to break the rules'. 

I wish you all a year with many happy moments, friendship, love and lots of laughter! 

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