Ljubljana - The wine experience

Trying to look for a place to have dinner in Ljubljana was quickly solved. Just when we started to feel our tummy rumbling, the heavens opened their gates and my god the rain came down in buckets. Everybody started to run for cover and a place to sit in a restaurant. The closest by was a place I had passed earlier that day and that had caught my attention because of the nice floor tiles: Robba. Now it was the only place where we could sit... outside .. under a massive terrace umbrella, because inside was already packed.. The food was ok pub food, hearty and filling, just what we needed. It had something special I must say: eating sausage and mash with a curtain of rain around you felt very bizarre. Top marks for the waiting staff that evening who were more than accommodating trying to give everybody a dry seat. The more surreal element was that there was a night run going on in the city that evening. There must be some real hardcore runners in Slovenia because while we were sitting under an umbrella trying to keep our food dry they were running in the downpour as if it was a breeze. I am not a runner, you can tell. 

The meal came to an end but the rain didn't. At home a shower like that only lasts about half an hour max. Here it went on for hours. The first bottle of wine was already finished and a coffee had been ordered but there was still as big a downpour as when we arrived. There was nothing left but to run with the marathon people direction hotel. Just before we reached the door we saw a winebar sign and getting into bed all drenched didn't seem a good idea. The better idea was to dry up with another glass or two, not? Little did we know then that we had arrived in wine walhalla!

Suklje is a famous Slovenian vineyard and this wine family had opened their first winebar just a few weeks before. I was immediately interested in the original wine list. It has the size of a John Irving novel, I never knew there are so many Slovenian wines! There also is a very nice selection of Italian and French wines on offer. 

What I really liked about this wine list is that they categorize the wine according to music genre. Are you into sensual jazzy tunes or ready for the impact of an AC/DC concert on your tastebuds or more ready for a 'Stairway to heaven' masterpiece. Just fabulous, I read this wine list like a book back to front.

In the mean time the friendly waiting staff were giving us already a mini history class in Slovenian wine, while we started with sipping a lovely bubbly wine from the Dolenjska region (Slapsak)

So many wines to choose from at Suklje winebar, we let the friendly bar staff guide us and took the perfect alternative: a 'wine menu'. We blind tasted 4 different wines. The excellent explanation that the barmen gave was so interesting, it added something extra to the whole wine experience. Slovenia is such a rich wine country and yet we know so little about it here because there is not a lot of export. A good excuse to visit again. New Year's resolution 2018: discover the Slovenian wine regions! 

The interior of Suklje Winebar is really well done. I got some inspiration for my living room - those black and gold lights! The fabulous wine wall at the back of the room will stay a dream for my house I am afraid. 

We ended this first night in Ljubljana with a lovely fruity and flavoursome cabernet from Suklje, the wine making family who owns the bar. And then it stopped raining. 

Suklje Winebar
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