October - November favourites

Oh those busy months of October and Novemberkept me away from blog writing again. I didn't stop finding great things in the online world though, here's an overview of my favourites. And now I am getting ready for the party season! 

I fell head over heels with the food photos by photographer Josh Perrett, look at those mushrooms!

I didn't make it (again) to London this year, but I am keeping an eye on @london instagram and youtube channel

How fabulous is this gradient staircase @slowdownstudio

The best instagram back walls you find at @rclayton

I am not a fan of tiger print but I do like a tiger on my dress, this is a great fashion label I discovered

This dress had my heart beating

How beautiful are the designs that Celeste Clark makes, inspiring

Pink lovers, jump on a train to Amsterdan and disvoer the all pink Mama Kelly restaurant

Toast that is art, I love it Eiko Mori! 

This vegan teenager makes the most beautiful colourful instagram photos, check it out! 

The art of making moody food photos, this photographer is such an inspiration! 

What if famous film directors made food films? I love this YouTube channel! (the Wes Anderson one is fab!)

have a beautiful getting ready for Christmas month! 

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