LX Factory in Lisbon

Focus on the red bridge they told me 'it is right under it'. Unfortunately there were several road works around the red bridge when I was trying to find the entrance to the LX factory. I had to look for 'a street with a green house, it is at the end of that street' one of they ten people I asked for the road told me.  Good things come to those who don't give up and I found it in the end, this hipster walhalla under the red bridge.

LX factory is built on a disused industrial site. It is like a little village for creative souls. There is cool street art on the walls of shops everywhere (see video above). This place reminds me so of the Truman Brewery in London. Two 'main' streets are filled with artful shops and hip restaurants. You feel coolness hanging in the air, it is the place where Lisbon's cool and vibrant crowd likes to hang out and the tourists have the same look as well here.

It wasn't even noon yet and the sun was already shining with mediterranean force when I arrived. The first thing I did was to go straight to the Cafe de Fabrica where they have refreshing homemade ice tea. I drank it on the terrace under a waving sky of paper garlands, blissful.

My main reason to visit LX factory was the bookstore. Ler Devagar is one of the ten most famous bookstores in the world. Even if most books are here in Portuguese you must visit this place! The name means 'read slowly', any booklover will understand. Follow the stairs and the higher you get the more surrounded by books. This is really heaven for books, with a cute coffee and bar space tucked in too. 

There are so many choices to eat here. I couldn't decide at first, going up and down the streets and peeping into windows to see how it looked inside. In the end I chose the most colourful place I saw, with a nice table inside, but still with doors and windows open to give that ultimate summer feeling. 
La Cantina LX gives out a relaxed vibe. The interior is an eclectic mix of brocante and vintage items. Amy Winehouse was playing mellowly in the background. The menu is small but caters for every taste: two fish, two meat and two veggie dishes. I went for a traditional Portugese choice: Bistoca, steak with an egg on it! Basic, fun, cheap and cheerful!

Little tip, don't go too early, most places in LX Factory only open at 12 noon.

LX Factory
Rua Rodrigues de Faria, 103
1300 Lisboa

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