Cheese and Wine Suites Lisbon

I arrived in Lisbon late afternoon. It had been such a busy week, the stress of some last emails and the rush to the airport had made me feel completely worn out. I so needed sunshine and getting back to a state of relaxed. I couldn't have found a better place to stay at than the wonderfully named 'Cheese and Wine Suites'.

When you chose two of my favourite things in your name we must be on the same wavelength in taste and style, I thought. And that was so true. This is a beautiful guest house with boutique hotel service. The interior is a dream, coming straight out of a magazine. The room was exquisitely decorated in a beautiful colour scheme, the high celings and windows gave it a grand feeling. I just wanted to re-decorate my house afterwards with all the inspiration I got here. 

Top marks for the warm welcome I got. The lady at reception showed me my beautiful room first and then invited me to sit outside in the cute inner courtyard to have some cheese and wine. This has been best practice for travelers for centuries: when you arrive after a long journey you are given a glass of wine and something small to eat. I got immediately introduced to the fine products Portugal has on offer: a lovely chunk of Casteloes cheese and a bottle of red from the Douro region. She took time to introduce me to the city on the interestingly designed map they give your here. I felt so taken cared for and all my tiredness disappeared while sipping my glass of wine and planning my stay.  

Breakfast was such a healthy treat, a great selection of wholegrain breads, every day different fruit bowls, local jam and honey... And again super friendly waiting staff, day two I didn't even have to ask for some yogurt, it was already waiting for me. I love the soft aqua colored porcelain on the breakfast table, it is designed by a famous Portugese ceramist, Bordallo Pinheiro. You can feel the owners have put their passion in every detail.  

Cheese and Wine Suites is located just out of the city centre but only a few minutes away from the river and more important, the Time Out Market! Tram 15 and 25 are in the vicinity.

Cheese and Wine Suites
Calcada Marques de Abrantes 40
T +351 210114363

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