The story of the princess and the golden cup

Between the Appennini mountains and the Adriatic sea, in the north east of Italy lies the Romagna regio. The area is a well known foodie and wine lovers heaven. A region also full with history: Roman traditions, medieval towns and  Renaissance spirit characterize it. Romagna has a long history of wine making with the Sangiovese (red) and the Albana (white) grapes.
I was invited earlier this year at a wine tasting event of the Consorzio Vini di Romagna that represents and promotes the wines houses of the region. You see the photos of the selection wines I tasted below, there are more of course, but a girl can only try so many. Definitely pay a visit to their website to discover more. And go and visit Romagna of course!

The Sangiovese wines are deep red, full bodied and harmonious in flavour. The white Albana grapes are grown on the hills of the medieval town of Bertiniro. I got really intrigued with the Albana wines because at the wine tasting event I was told this fabulous story.

During Roman times the daughter of emperor Theodosius visited the Romagna region. To welcome her, they offered Princess Galla Placida an Albana wine . She drank it out of an earthenware cup, this was a farmer's village. She was so pleased with the wine that she shouted: 'a wine this noble should be drunk out of a gold goblet!' And this is where Bertiniro got its name from. 'Bert-in-oro': drunk in gold!

Next time you visit an enoteca order an Albana white and imagine you are a princess drinking it out of a gold cup!

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