Pancetta, brie and pear tart appetizer

The pancetta, brie and pear tart we had as an appetizer yesterday was literally gone in two minutes. I wish I had made two! It went perfect with a balmy evening gin & tonic. Ah, those warm summer nights, let them stay as long as possible!

I got the idea from Donna Hay's 'The New Easy' cookbook. She uses goat cheese but I only had brie in the house, which was a tasty substitute. This pie is easy peasy, especially if you use pakaged pastry like I did. Did I mention it was a lazy summer day... Mobile switched off and a fine jazzy tune playing in the background. This isn't really cooking, it's more assembling and switching the oven on!

You need:

1 pack of puff pastry
1 pear (or more if your baking tin is big)
pancetta thinly sliced
brie sliced
optional: fresh oregano and black pepper

Roll out the pastry on the baking paper in the tin (don't forget to prick the pastry a few times). Arrange the brie slices on the rolled out pastry. Add sliced pears (don't use overripe pears or it gets too soggy) and pancetta. I sprinkled fresh oregano from the garden over it and freshly ground black pepper.
Bake in the oven according the the instructions on the pastry package (just make sure your pancetta doesn't burn)

I added some decorative greens from my garden too, do you like it?

And your easy peasy appetizer is ready!

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