August favourites

August has been a work month for me, I am planning to relax in September. I did have some time to do fun things too and the commute was much more relaxed than ususal!

- I saw a fabulous concert in OLT Rivierenhof: Gabriel Rios with young and upcoming talent Tamino as supporting act. Keep en eye on Tamino, goosebumps when he sings Habibi!

- If I would have had time to go on holiday in August I would have loved to be here: from the people who brought you the fabulous Hoxton hotels here are the perfect long weekend holidays.

- A treasure for summer dishes is here, the Mediterrean dish!

- New places I have seen passing on Instagram and want to check out, have you been here yet?
Nona, sourdough pizzas in Brussels
The Cobbler, new cocktail place in Ghent

- And my Instagram finds in August are:

Food video of the comes from @southernlivingmag: mini cheeseburgers anyone?

Quiet season, so there are free seats on the bus, time to discover some new Instagram accounts:
I absolutely love @squaresayingsit does what it says: it is square and there are sayings

I love to follow DesignMilk but did you there also is a @designmilktravels?

The most amazing food tables come from Hedieh Gharrat, make sure you are not hungry when you look at @h.rebel

'Sometimes I travel, sometimes I stay at home', @theslowtraveler this is my new mantra! love your feed!

Shortlisted for Saveur Travel blog awards and he writes about Belgian beer, can't go wrong @mattthelist Stunning photography too.

Happy start of the school year!

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