June + July favourites

I took a favourites break in June, but kept good notes! So here is the full menu of my favourite finds on 'le internet'!

1. Hoeked dougnuts! they are everywhere on my Instagram account. The new sugar spot in Antwerp has a funky interior and a colourful counter with unusual dougnut shapes, yes they have four corners (hoek in Flemish) Get seduced by this pantone coloured sweet treat. This is Antwerp's first doughnut shop, it shows the people from Antwerp like food with an edge! Get in line for a close up at their instagramable neon sign.

2. In June there was also the opening of U hotel, bar and restaurant. A new boutique hotel at Het Eilandje, one of the most happening areas in town. I fell in love with the perfect interior design, colourful and sophisticated. There are three types of rooms: cosy, charming and luxury and three types of menu: restaurant, foodbar and terrace or lounge. I want to test them all this year:

3. Lazy Jack, the coolest outside bar in in town and inside is pretty nice too! Read more here.

4. Cafe Josee: there is a new corner cafe in my neighboorhood and it reminds me of places I visited in Hackney and Brixton when I lived there. Relaxed and family-friendly, this is a place for easy weekend mornings reading the papers with cups of coffee. They also open on Thursday and Friday eve will check that out soon. See more on my instagram feed here and here and here.

5. The videos from Chef's club Facebook page fascinate me so much! Not only do you get original party recipes, they seem to be able to cut and chop veggies in a blink of the eye. I love the one where onion and pepper collide into a perfectly minced heap.

6. We all have good and bad days, but some are more good and some are more bad, not? This guy has turned the feelings of the day into coloured pixels. I am so going to do this too! I wonder what colours my year will look like, hope lots of pink :)

7. Another thing I am going to start: a collection of photos of 'this could come from a wes anderson movie', like this one.

8. For everybody interested in plant-based lifestyle: Thrive magazine is a goldmine of information and recipes. I absolutely adore their food photography too. Take a cup of tea and find a comfy spot on the sofa, this website will keep you busy for hours: Thrive magazine (That interview with Joaquin Phoenix!)

9. I gave in to the latest coffee craze: coffee in an ice cream cone. You can find them at Texas Antwerp and the photo I took there was the most liked this month! See it here .

10. I already liked the Marnixplaats in Antwerp a lot, but I love it even more now there is 'Baraque Fraiture'. No it is not a 'friture' but you can get all the best Belgian dishes there and the frites come in a cone. More about this place on the blog later.

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