Strongbow's secret garden and a summer cocktail recipe!

You first walk through a secret gate, followed by a corridor surrounded by red flowers and the tropical sound of birds to arrive at the place where you will discover the summer cocktails of the year! 

Only this weekend, 17 and 18 June and next week 22 till 25 June, you can discover Strongbow's secret garden in Antwerp. (Waalsekaai 14, 2000 Antwerpen)

Leave the city behind and step into this idyllic spot to enjoy a sneaky cider. You have the choice out of three Strongbow cider varieties, either mixed or straight. There is the elderflower variety that makes a fabulous margarita, the red berries one turns into a summery Negroni and the classic golden apple makes you taste a whole new mojito. 

I tried them all but this was my favourite: 

The Strongbow Red berries Negroni

5 cl Strongbow Red Berries
2 cl gin
2 cl red vermouth
zeste of an orange

Fill the glass with ice cubes
Add the gin, red vermouth and Strongbow Red Berries in the glass
Whisk with a cocktail spoon
Finish with orange zeste

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