May favourites

May has flown by, isn't it? I have spent it partly in bed with a bout of bronchitis (on my birthday...), but did some venturing out too and made new discoveries!

-my favourite sandwich this month was the radish avocado combo! best on sourdough bread...
see it here

-Salad season is starting again and I want to be super healthy (but I will have the occasional summer cocktail too to balance things out, wink) I think this one looks like a winner, especially because I never really know what to do with cucumber. The combination with melon sounds super yum. Check out my Pinterest board for more salad inspiration!

-There is a new magazine! Arnold! When you know that beer sommelier Sofie Vanrafelghem is the editor, you know it is going to be full with great beer tips and stories. I don't know anybody who can talk so passionately about beer as Sofie. The name of the magazine comes from Arnold de Soisson, the patron saint from 11th century who advised the people to drink beer instead of water that was often contaminated.

-My latest podcast discovery: Stir the pot, talks with interesting chefs, definitely listen to the one with Sygne Johansson on the 'hygge' trend!

-I was at the Diageo Bartender of the year (BeLux) awards evening and saw the big smile of Naushad Rahamat from 'Cocktails at Nine' when he won! The event took place in De Serre, great to be back there again. I am cheering for Naushad in a few months when he will be participating in Mexico for the World Bartender of the year award!

-After the cocktails I made a pitstop for some frites deluxe at Sergio Herman's Frites Atelier. Loving the interior and the sauces, the frites were top too!

-Last week I was at a foodie event by Uniliever at the new hotspot in Antwerp: Pakt. This is an industrial site in the center of Antwerp that has been transformed into a breeding ground for creative companies. The roof is turned into a vegetable patch, stimulating city agriculture. More about this fabulous place soon on the blog! Check out the photos from the Unilever event on my Instagram feed, #trendyfoodlove. There were lots of new foodbloggers I've met there, it was a great evening!

-Last month I also went to the opening of Jinza. East meets West on the lovely Draakplaats: local products served with an Asian touch. What used to be Bar Chine - remember the scrumptious kimchi dog! - has turned into an Asian gastronomic experience. I tasted a lentil, cabbage, fennel and white fish dish with a Thai stock dressing, the flavours were perfect. This place is great to know for all Asian food lovers in Antwerp!

-Have you also seen less engagement on Instagram and what about all those hashtags scams? I have been reading 'Behind the quest''s rant on Instagram and the monster that Instagram have become, read it here. I still love to tell a story with photos and Instagram is the perfect social channel for that, but all that constantly changing of best practices is becoming tiresome.

-I am getting annoyed too when I see Instagram accounts with 100K followers but only 100 likes per photo. I double appreciate the accounts that are growing slowly but steadily and having constant quality photos that are inspiring and informative.
Here are some of my favourites:
@cygnetkitchen: wonderful food photography and styling, very inspring!
@bijzonderspaans: fabulous dark food photography, the pops of colour will make you hungry
@ilvaberetta: loving the moody photos with Italian flavour

Enjoy sunny June, let the summer begin soon!

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