Lunch the Italian way at Guzzi's in Antwerp

Are you getting into a holiday mood too? There is a new place in town that brings you straight to the flavours of Northern Italy. Comfort food the Italian way: time to discover the Guzzi's piadini! 

In the shadow of the Antwerp city hall is Guzzi's, the city's first piadini place. With a great terrace outside and pastel themed inside deco, this is a lovely spot to stop for a lunch break or snack.

Piadini are Italian flatbread typical for the Emilia Romagna region, I tasted them first in Bologna and I remember thinking if only we could have these here too.  The freshly baked piadini look a bit like a pizza but are much more crisp and taste like bread. Nom, nom.

As with all good Italian food the piadini at Guzzi's are made with quality products. The flour comes from an artisan mill where the grains are crushed with stones, they use authentic cured meats, the mozzarella is the burrata variety and the creamy squacquerone di Romagna that is typically used in piadini. 

Piadini are made with a variety of fillings, from meat and fish to veggie. I tried the three examples below, the summer veggie, the parma ham and rucola (and a secret Guzzi's sauce!) and the chicken pesto. They come in a tray with the bread cut into triangles and cost 8,50 - 10 Euro. Don't forget to taste the sweet ones for dessert! I tried the one with speculoos and it is heavenly. 

The name comes from the owner's favourite motorbike, the Guzzi! The bike was out on the terrace when I was there, never seen so many men stopping and having a close look. Boys ad toys...

Guzzi’s Italian Piadina Bakery
Suikerrui 32
2000 Antwerpen.
Open every day from 08.00 till 21.00 

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