March favourites

I see and hear things every day and every week, but blogging time is getting less diary attention. I have so many things 'sitting on the shelf' that I want to share, here is my attempt with starting a monthly overview to keep you in the loop of things I discover on- and offline!

1. I am having a little rhubarb crush at the moment, all Nigel Slaters rhubarb recipes are fabulous. Try the poached version with elderflower, yumminess on a plate!

2. The best cooking video of the month showing that you can film in portrait too! By the always lovely Aran Goyoga from Cannelle et Vanille blog: 

Burnt milk | a video collaboration with Tara Sgroi from Aran Goyoaga on Vimeo.

3. Begin invited to one of your favourite restaurants is the best! Veranda, you were fabulous again. We went on a Tuesday and the place was packed - that says a lot!

4. Blogger has updated their templates and I tried one of the new ones version. You see the result now. Not completely convinced that this is the one, I might go back to do some Etsy template shopping like I did before.

5. Veganism is something I like to read about and try to be inspired with. I will never be a complete vegan, I love cheese and the occasional piece of meat from a trusted butcher but I want to incorporate more vegan recipes in my diet. Great to see the launch of The Vegan Network, where you can find portraits of inspiring vegans. And beautiful photography too.

6. Spaghetti lovers take note, a new restaurant dedicated solely to your favourite meal has opened in Antwerp. Bavet is the no-fuss but mouthwatering delish spaghetti restaurant that only last week opened in the Nationalestraat in Antwerp. Yours truly tried samples of the whole menu and found it very hard to chose a favourite: the spicy olive tomato sauce or the creamy mushroom chicken...? Don't worry about any tomato stains, they give you a big 'bavet'! Check out their Facebook page, they organise evenings with inspiring speakers and stand-up comedy!  Btw, I had great company that evening @mari.jolie ; @sannegvrts ; @fairygodmotherr :) 

7. Cremerie Germaine the best ice cream at 't Eilandje in Antwerp has started the new season. I love the chic retro interior here and I love all the flavours even more!

8. De Serre is a new breakfast and lunch spot in Antwerp. Right in the middle of the city but hidden in a secluded courtyard, you find a conservatory inspired venue: rotan chairs, tropical plants hanging from the ceiling. I am really looking forward to what will happen with the courtyard in the summer!

9. De Monk in Brussels, they do the best charcuterie platter with a lovely selection of Belgian beers! Live piano music on Sunday for an extra mellow mood.

10. Instagram discoveries, these 5 accounts got a follow from me in March:
@little_escapes: tips for trips in Belgium and The Netherlands. Photography by the lovely Sophia Van den Hoek.
@andcgram: BN-er Chantal Janzen has launched a magazine with accompanying social media, loving the colourful posts and videos
@morobeshoes: g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s shoes!
@sculptedpilates: The most fabulous breakfast bowls on the gram! I am going to try to make one and eat it!
@nourish_atelier: great photography and yet easy recipes. Inspiring!

Have an amazing April! ciao xx

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