How I edit my Instagram photos

I love Instagram, it has been my favourite social media channel from the start . It's my source of information and my photography playground. In the beginning I used the typical Instagram filters but then I saw all these great photos passing by and they looked quite different. The search for the perfect editing tool started and I found VSCO. My blog photos are (usually) taken with my DSLR and I edit them in Lightroom, my Instagram photos are all taken with Iphone 6S and I edited them all in VSCO.  


VSCO is so user-friendly, it takes seconds to find out how it works. Editing is child's play and what is even more, you can do it really fast. This tool has a series of fantastic filters, they are called presets. Each preset you can then even customize further to allow you to find your own editing style. The free filter range is rather ok but I bought the whole range in one go, worth every penny. I haven't used all presets yet because I have some favourite filters I use according to what color shade the photo has. HB1, C2 and F2 are the filters I use most but the whole analogue range is fantastic too (A6!). 
Once I have chosen the preset I make some more adjustments: I almost always make the photo brighter, I like the freshness it brings to the photo, I also like to take the temperature down a tiny bit and contrast always a like bit up and I ususally sharpen the photos too.


I recently started using white borders on my Instagram feed. It might be just a phase but I like it for now because almost all my photos are taken in portrait format and you can only show that format fully on the Instagram feed when you add a border . VSCO doesn't make these for you, so I have to use another editing tool. I save my edited VSCO photos on my phone and then I upload them on Instasize, where you only need one click to create a border. The downside of Instasize is that is has a lot of ads (all of games!) so you have to bear with it and wait for the little 'x' to close the ad but then you can just upload the photo to Instagram from this tool, no need to save it again on your phone.

Et voila, that is how I edit my Instagram photos. Have a look at the latest photos here and happy editing and happy Instagramming!

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