Raspberry pinwheels for breakfast

I am not a fan of Valentine's day, but I do love the color red and especially in my food!

I saw these raspberry pinwheels passing on Pinterest a few weeks ago. They come from a great food blog: Just a Taste and are super easy to make and will impress your sweetie, I am sure!

You need:
square puff pastry sheets
1 egg yolk
raspberries (I used defrosted ones because it is not the season now)
raspberry jam
a few spoonfuls of cream cheese
some lemon zest
1 sachet of vanilla sugar

Beat the cream cheese until smooth and add lemon zest, sugar and a drop of lemon juice.
Spoon this mixture onto the middle of the pastry square, add a little spoon of raspberry jam and decorate with four raspberries (see pictures) Cut the pastry square from the corner to where the raspberries lay.
Fold the corners o fhte pastry to the middle.
Brush some egg yolk onto the pastry so they get nice and crusty.

Bake in the oven according to pastry package instructions.

And there you go, sweets for your sweet!

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