3 top tips to discover Belgium's finest to eat and drink

I hope the sun shines a lot this year because I am planning a few trips to the Belgian countryside. I bought a new raincoat in the sales this week, just in case...

Sofie Van Rafelgem is a fabulous Belgian Beer Sommelier. She knows everything about beer and I had the pleasure of meeting her a few times. When she starts talking about beer you have to listen, it is always so interesting and pleasant. And she has the biggest smile too!
Last year her book on Flemish beer pubs was published: 200 pubs to visit and tips for day trips included. I will be lucky if I have time to try a few, but I am so looking forward to that great moment after a long walk (in the rain or in the sun, or even in both) when you sit down, rest your feet and someone is pouring you a beer. Ahh!

Foodwise I am going to discover the Belgian Frites in a deluxe version made by a Dutch man :) .
Michelin star chef Sergio Herman is opening one of his Frites Atelier in Antwerp next month and I am so going to try out his 'stoofvlees and frites'!

I used to go on long cycling trips with my sister. Work and work and more work made our diary too full to make even one cycle trip last year. Such a shame. So, hoping for a ray of sunshine this Spring I am already getting the map out to go on the 'Strawberry route' early June. And eat lots of fresh from the field strawberries!

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