Heritage House - a shop full with stories

What do you think of when I say 'This is Belgian'. Chocolate? Beer? Fashion? Frites? 
Yes to all of course, but did you know that a range of exclusive glassware found in the top hotels and restaurants is Belgian? And that for centuries we have been known for our linen industry? And that a Belgian chardonnay has won international prizes?

Heritage House brings together the best of Belgian artisan work. Situated in a 16th century townhouse, a few steps from the city hall, you find a treasure of products that are created and made with passion and craftmanship. Heritage House brings a collection of Belgian's finest, paying tribute to both traditions passed from generations and new traditions that are created now to be passed on to the next generations. Everything you find here is made in Belgium and has its own story. The shop is divided into topic areas and you walk through it like you do in a real house, there is a food room, a living room with objects that really belong in a living room, a room to read a book with book shelves filled with work you can buy, ...
The creators are placed central and are called 'Heritists'. They are now a group of 32, but this will grow further next year. You see their photo and short bio displayed next to their products in the shop and when you visit the website, you can find more information on their work

You can buy the products in the shop, but what is even more fun, you can order them at ease at home and either have them delivered or pick them up in the shop. Thumbs up, they are open until 19hr!, and there is always something yummy to taste.

I first couldn't chose what to buy when I went to the opening a few weeks ago, so many great objects and then the Christmas present list was running through my head as I browsed through the selection, I knew immediately what to buy for everybody in the family, there really is something for every taste and interest.

The shop will be more than just 'a place to shop'. They are planning talks, tasting sessions and master classes, but also co-creations where the artisans work on projects made especially for Heritage House, the first one being 'connecting cups'. Ceramic artist Ann Van Hoey made two designs for ceramic cups that connect. The cups are numbered and there are only 50 pieces. The idea is to connect with HERITAGE HOUSE, you can bring your cup, enjoy a drink on the house & share. Every single time, during the first opening year. I bought mine and am really curious who's got my connecting number! 

I also bought the Christmas Carol Tea from Ann Vansteenkiste's collection. She is a tea sommelier and creates tea menu's for Michelin star restaurants. I am sipping a cup right now and it is blissfully and warming good. 

Heritage House
Hofstraat 24
2000 Antwerpen

Open Tues-Sat 11am-7pm
Also every 1st Sunday of the month: 11am-6pm

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