Gå Nord - pop-up restaurant Little Brewers Winter garden

A few weeks ago I tasted the most beautiful appetizers ever, did you see it on my Instagram?

I was at a tasting at Nightingale PR press days, where these culinary pieces of art introduced me to a new fusion restaurant that is opening next year in Antwerp: Gå Nord. Their food concept is based on the wabi-sabi philosophy: an aesthetic rooted in Zen buddhism, celebrating beauty in all that is natural, even the imperfections. I definitely saw beauty on my plate that evening. 

Eagerly following their social media for the opening date I discovered this week that they are first setting up shop as a pop-up restaurant in the Little Brewers Winter Garden. Now I don't have to wait anymore and tell you all about the buddha shaped surprise. However, I am not going to spoil the fun and tell you what ingredient is made of, you have to go and taste it yourself! I can only say, 'wow'! 

Gå Nord
Pop-up restaurant
Little Brewers Garden
Boomgaardstraat 17
2018 Antwerp

Wed 18hr-20hr
Thurs-Fri: 12hr-1430hr and 18hr-20hr
Sat-Sun: 18hr-20hr

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