My 5 favourite pomegranate recipes

When you need to make an effort to come to great things you usually feel the most satisfied. The same counts for the wonderful pomegranate. No matter what great trick you have to open this amazing fruit, it will asks some effort and a lot of coordination! 

I prefer to open the pomegranate and break it down in a bowl of water, the ruby red seeds wil sink to the bottom and the white pith will come floating to the surface and you just have to scoop them out. Still, I need to get my hands wet for it! 

The reward lies in the decorative character and the combination of tartness and sweetness together with a popping sensation in the mouth. I got inspired by French By Design blog and made a Pinterest board with my favourite recipes and as we speak I am enjoying a pomegrante yoghurt breakfast parfait. Nomnomnom. (see more in my Instagram account).

Clockwise (click on blogname for link) : Avocado and persimon toast with pomegranate and fennel from Floating Kitchen, Maple syrup glazed carrots from Closetcooking, Hummus with pomegranate topping from Whatgabycooking, Sticky pomegranate chicken from Half Baked Harvest.

and the fifth one... see my Instagram account! 

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