Brood & Spelen bakery in Antwerp

I have made it no secret, you have read this before: I love bread! If I don't watch my diet, I can eat bread everyday, morning, lunch and dinner. Which is not good of course. So I have made it my goal to eat only really nice bread and only in the morning. I can't go shopping in the morning, so it is usually a weekend treat. And last weekend I made a fantastic bread discovery!

Right in the centre, the old part with cobble stone streets, I found the loveliest bakery in town: Brood & Spelen. It is tiny, but you find a nice selection of breads and some classic pastries. There are a few tables to sit and have a coffee with a cake while being enchanted by the smell of freshly baked bread coming from the back. 

The baker went to Paris to study the art of a perfect baguette and it is real, this is the best baguette you will find in Antwerp, I am hooked. Let the weekend begin now! 

Brood & Spelen
Oude Beurs
2000 Antwerpen

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