Smartmat Friends Dinner box

Dinner with friends. Every time we say 'we should do this more often'.  And every time it's that full diary that is coming in between. No time to go to the shop, too tired to look up nice recipes, ....

The Smartmat people hit the nail on the head with their new concept: a box full with ingredients for four or six people, recipe cards for four courses and even a cooking timeline. All delivered at your doorstep.
The products are all super fresh and healthy and the recipes are very flavoursome.

We tested the Spring menu and on our dinner table was: 

* canelli beans dip with naan bread
* roasted fennel salad with blood orange and radicchio
* pulled salmon, with honey glazing, new potatoes and marinated cucuember
* rhubarb crumble with caramel sauce

Discover their new Friends Dinner menu on :
Happy dinner evenings! 

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