Barchel - all day food bar in Antwerp

'Come for the eye candy, stay for the soul food'

Barchel opened a while ago, but life has been too busy for me to test out this lovely place in the centre of Antwerp... until this morning! In my diary was a morning meeting that was just ten minutes away from Barchel! Hurray, there I was at 8:00am ready to get some of that soul food and see what all the eye candy is about.


Barchel is located on the ground floor of a beautiful townhouse - swoon - with high ceiling white walls, white tiles bar and wooden herringbone floorboards leads to a charming inner backyard where you wish it was always summertime! There is a little terrace outside on the pavement too, but the back garden is pure bliss.

The menu

Chosing from the menu was the hard part, so many great choices! Ricotta pancakes with coconut cream, french toast and fruit anyone? Or should I wait for lunch to have a smashed avocado and feta flatbread with poached egg? There is also a 'Barchel' full breakfast option for those who can't chose. Unfortunately the meeting was waiting so I went for a very flavoursome bagel with cream cheese, bacon, avocado and poached egg. Sounds like a full breakfast too isn't it?

The breakfast bagel came on a lovely design plate which added an extra touch to the lovely atmosphere and the coffee was made with Vascobello beans, a real Antwerp brew.

In between breakfast and lunch and a little bit after there are some great nibbles to share for when you get the munchies during the day. Oh, and there are cakes too.

What's in a name? 

The two owners: Charlotte and Ellen who have a bar :)

What's the vibe? Stylish, cosmopolitan crowd looking for well-made drinks

What is on the menu? Breakfast, the kind that you wish you had every weekend at home. Lunch, they do like their avocados, which is souper douper! Later, Nachos, breads, dips, all to share! 

When to visit? from 8am till 5pm on weekdays, from 9am till 5 pm on Saturdays, closed on Sundays

Van Breestraat 6
2018 Antwerp
T: +32 3 501 64 16

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