Millevaches - New Butcherstore at 't Eilandje in Antwerp

When I grew up there was a baker, a groceries and a butcher in every village. How many times have I thought of the little girl, tiptoeing at the butcher's counter to pay, when I stood at the supermarket's till with a cellophane wrapped piece of mystery meat. To know what field the cows grazed on, is such a luxury now.

How great now to see that Millevaches the new artisan butcher's at 't Eilandje in Antwerp gets all their quality meat from a farm in France: Le Cluzeau Boyer in Mainsat on the Plateau de Millevaches. I imagine a thousand cows grazing peacefully in the French hills. 

The meat is cut on the spot for you and at the back is an atelier where they smoke, ripen and cure the meat on site. The hams and pat├ęs are all made in-house and there is a great selection of ready-made meat dishes at this culinary butcher's.
I tried the cooked ham and the Spanish chorizo yesterday, really good! The Italian fennel sausages are already now in my top ten of best food of 2016.

At Millevaches you get meat where provenance is guaranteed with the best service and artisan skills.

Millevaches Butcher's
Godefriduskaai 12
2000 Antwerpen

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