Fenix Food Factory in Rotterdam

I recently was in Rotterdam, my new favourite city, enjoying a relaxed foodie day.

At Hotel New York they have built a footbridge that links to the Katendrecht part of the city, also called the 'Cape' because for centuries this was the ferry point for people visiting Rotterdam. All around the area you find street names with reference to this bit of nautical history 'Veerlaan', Tolhuislaan, and these streets are full with warehouses. One of those warehouses has been rebuilt into an urban food court dedicated to sustainable food and foodie products: The Fenix Food Factory. (great tip from the ever fantastic Un-fold-ed!)

You only find fresh and honest products, locally produced with respect for the environment here. Every food stall is a discovery, because they all have their own stories:
*the Cape Brewers who introduced the craft beer revolution in Rotterdam, they experiment with flavours for a new generation of beer lovers,
*Cider Cider that was created by people who want to bring the old craft of cider making back on the menu, *Booij Cheesemakers who bring locally produced artisan cheese,
*Butchers Bijten (= to bite, those Dutch names!) who have a degree in Maritime studies but decided to set up a food business and launched into farming, now they have their butcher's shop with paté making atelier,
*and more!

It's a totally hipster hang-out here. When I was there on a sunny Saturday, the place was packed and the bbq outside smoking in the midday sun, everybody sitting outside along the river with a view of Rotterdam's impressive high-rise skyline. Chillness to the max!

A nice gimmick they have is the food boards: for 15 Euro you get 8 vouchers to get something for the food stalls, together they from a nice breakfast platter. It ws fun to do, because you get stamps and you really need to walk around the place to get your platter full. But next time I will just go to the individual stalls that I like I think; I saw lots of great dishes now that I didn't taste.

What is the vibe? Hipster foodies of all ages, relaxed and cool

What is on the menu? Locally produced and sustainable food, I loved the cider and the cheese, next time I want to try more at the butcher's

When to visit? Closed on Monday

Fenix Food Factory
Veerlaan 19
3072 AN Rotterdam

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