Restaurant hotspot in Amsterdam: Venus & Adonis in the Jordaan

I was in Amsterdam yesterday and whenever I am there I love to walk in the Jordaan area. The streets along the canals are full with cute shops and bars. Prinsengracht is my favourite and on one of the cosy corners a grill restaurant with bar has opened a year ago. Venus & Adonis is not only inviting with the lovely terrace outside but inside the interior design color palette is just fabulous. Ochre velvet chairs with rich turquoize velvet curtains and an Instagram worthy old tiled floor. That's also where I saw this place for the first time, on Instagram!

It was late in the afternoon when I arrived and the sun was shining like it was high summer already. The windows were half open and a soft breeze brought a mellow mood inside. The bar staff gave me the warmest welcome ever, top points for the ladies who served that afternoon! I took a seat at one of the windows and saw the boats on the canals, selfie stick holding tourists and lots of locals on bikes passing by. Blissful afternoon.

There is a lunch and dinner menu at Venus & Adonis - and a nice gin & tonic and cocktail selection! I choose the thai chicken pita which was so flavoursome. A chilled viognier white wine was just perfect with it. I also saw burgers and some salads and soups on offer for lunch.
On the evening menu you find charcoal grilled meat and seafood that is served on wooden boards to share. Nothing too fancy just great and yummy food. The surf & turf (meat and fish combo) looked like something I would definitely try next time for dinner.

Downstairs the ochre and turqoize design theme continues in the intimate basement part with open kitchen. A great combination of cosy and chic.

The name of the restaurant comes from the 17th century painting 'Venus & Adonis', painted by Rembrandt's student Ferdinand Bol. A few streets away the owners have another steak restaurant called 'De Nachtwacht', after Rembrandt's famous painting. Master and student, you can see the reference to their two restaurants.

I hope to visit Amsterdam again this summer and will definitely return here! 

What is the vibe? Brasserie atmosphere with the coolness of Amsterdam's Jordaan area

What is on the menu? Surf and turf grill with no frills, decent grub

When to visit? Lunch and dinner and great for afternoon cocktail stop too!

Venus & Adonis
Prinsengracht 274
T: +33 20 42 11 848

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