The Godiva Gold Anniversary Collection, past and present of Belgian chocolates

Anybody who knows me can confirm that I am a first class chocoholic. I can easily say no to crisps and cookies, but chocolate is my weakness, the ultimate sweet sin. Living in the land of 'Belgian chocolates' is like living in shangri-la for me. We are spoiled for chocolate choice in Belgian. One of our big chocolatier houses is celebrating an important anniversary this year: Godiva started making their fabulous 'pralines' 90 years ago!

To celebrate this grand old age, they recently have launched the Gold Anniversary Collection. A box of chocolates where the past meets the present. Re-discover their iconic pralines like the silky smooth 'Noblesse' a blend of rich hazelnut praliné and soft milk chocolate from 1959 or the white chocolate hazelnut praliné 'Coeur Blanc' from 1945 when they opened their first shop in Brussels. 

Then be surprised by the more recent creations like the amazing 'Mousse Meringue' from 2015 that brings two textures into one: crispy ànd creamy and the brand new 'Egérie Noir' from 2016 that will amaze you with a delicate rose and raspberry flavour, fresh and sweet, encased in dark chocolate. 

The Belgian artist Oli B. re-designed the iconic golden Godiva box into a reation that reflects both nostalgia and the brightness of the future. The firework drawings reflect the excitement you will experience when opening this box and smell the chocolate! 

Keep an eye on the Godiva website and Facebook page to discover more festive creations in this anniversary year! 

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