11 things to see and do in Prague

1. The beautiful Charles bridge, a must, but visit it very early in the morning or very late at night, to be avoided during the day, too many tourists.
2. At the end of Charles Bridge in between the tourist gifts shops is a little street with a bijou wine bar. Discover some amazing Czech wines at Vinograf Míšeňská.
3. Drink a local beer, I discovered that dark beer is for the ladies here. No beer without some Czech/Wiener/Franfurter sausages!
4. Buy pencils from Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth, they produced the first lead pencil in the world
5. Go on the Taste of Prague tour, you will not only discover culinary hotspots but also interesting facts about the city and its history no guide book can give you. Jan is a master storyteller (and has a famous walk).
Once you've followed their tour you are friends for life!
6. Indulge in a Vetrnik at Café Savoy. The only way to have cake: with a glass of bubbles. A bucket of cream in caramel topped choux pastry. There's a magnum and normal version, guess which one I went for? 
7. See the most amazing door at the Goethe institute. It gets all shades of pink gold in the evening sun.
8. Petřín hill with a thousand blossom trees (I was there in early spring) and an amazing view over the city.
9. The John Lennon wall, what used to be a place for rebellion now is a meeting point for selfie stick holders. Still had goosebumps when the local busker played 'Imagine'.
10. Say 'Ahoy!' that's hello in Prague, has something to do with the boatsmen shouting to the people on the shore, the barman at hotel Mosaic told me and you know what barmen say is...
11. Have a drink on the roof terrace of Frank Gehry's the Dancing House aka Fred & Ginger. Just like the famous dance couple this building swirls in the air. I had a fairytale moment sitting there outside on the roof wrapped in a blanket looking at the majestic Moldau and the city lights.

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