Kaboom hotel in Maastricht

I am running behind on blogposts so that is why you see this trip with grey winter skies... I have been discovering and enjoying these last months, no time left to write. For more real-time info I kindly refer you to my Instagram account, where I have been snapping away every week.

I would however like to share with you this great address in Maastricht, so bear with me despite the winter backdrop! 

Just across the border from Belgium you find Maastricht, a place with a lot of history and charm. A shopping city too with a wide range of fashion stores from high street brands to exclusive labels. Don't forget to bring your credit card and walking shoes!

We choose to stay in the new Kaboom hotel, a mix between hostel and boutique hotel. That is also where they got their name from. The clash between old and new, the bang between young and classic, the meeting point of trendy and traditional makes the 'Kaboom' sound you see in cartoons.

The location couldn't be more convenient: just across from the train station. In most cities the area around the train station is the one you want to leave as soon as possible but Maastricht is an exception. The streets of 'Wijck' - that 's how the area of the hotel is called - looks very posh with stately houses and new bars and restaurants. Like everywhere we visited in Maastricht it has a very welcoming and charming air to it.

and we saw why. The funny details and tongue in cheeks humor you find here make you smile all day. Just like the warm welcome we received at the reception. You feel that everything is well thought of. What is more important in a hotel room, the minibar or the bed? The bed of course, so that is why you find here comfortable Auping beds but no expensive minibars. The only thing we missed was a coffee in the morning, but that is because we need caffeïne to get one foot out of bed ;). The rooms are decorated in amazing wallpaper, perhaps not so good if you wake up with a hangover though. We loved the rainshower and the XL TV screen  in the room. But what we most loved was the low budget price! 

Next door to the hotel there is a surprisingly good Fusion restaurant, Dadawan. It was a cold January evening when we were there and being able to walk to the restaurant without leaving the hotel was a real bonus.
Dadawan's interior design gave us a high 'Pulp fiction' feeling, remember the scene in the restaurant where John Travolta and Uma Thurman start dancing? We didn't dance but enjoyed a yummy stone plate grilled steak and Korean bibimbap with some fabulous but unconventional gin tonics - our personal {Kaboom} moment! The curries, sushi and lobsters and burgers on the menu looked great too.
It is sometimes difficult to take children on citytrips but Hotel Kaboom and the restaurant Dadawan seem to me a perfect choice for both parents and children. The hotel has large family rooms and the restaurant has a great menu and brings the food quickly at your table, always good for children.

For breakfast at Kaboom hotel you have two choices: there is a breakfast buffet in Dadawan in the morning or a quick coffee and croissant in Douwe Egberts next door. Super handy when you need to catch a train, no rush to be on time.

Kaboom Hotel
Stationsplein 1 

Dadawan restaurant

More hotspots we visited in Maastricht: 

In den ouden Vogelstruys
The oldest pub in town, great atmosphere. When we were there the local carnival group gave us all a serenade of Dutch 'schlagers'. 
Vrijthof 15

Great place for interior decor and kitchen gadgets. We loved their stationary too. 
Minckelerstraat 1A

Boekhandel Dominicanen
The most beautiful bookstore in the world: in a church!
Dominicanerkerkstraat 1 

Café Zondag
An apéritif with nibbles at Café Zondag! Just don't take the bruschette plate if you are planning a big dinner, very large portions! 
Wycker Brugstraat 42

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