Bread and cakes in Paris

Last week I was in Paris and discovered this gem of a bakery annex bar in the 2ième arrondissement. Le bar du Moulin is for the savoury bite and its neighbour Le bon Patissier for the sweet sin.
We had a cheese dripping 'croque monsieur' that came with thick hand-cut fries and the cutest little jar of Dijon mosterd. There are only a few tables and you can stand at the bar too, this gives it all that special Parisian touch. We got there right on time because after us there was a queue of people waiting for a table, clearly a favourite lunch place!

Next door the window of Au Bon Pain D'Autrefois displays a whole range of cakes and pastries. Fruity and chocolate, they are very seductive and difficult to resist. Which we didn't of course. Have I ever said no to a nice piece of cake? Don't think so. Even if you just fancy a café au lait with pain au chocolat, this place is a magical spot. It brings you back to the 1920s with the amazing tiled mural and ornate ceiling decoration.
The sandwiches and cakes are made by the organic bakery Le Moulin de la Vierge that owns also other bakeries around Paris. They are known for their sourdough breads.

Bar du Moulin
corner Rue des Petits Pères and Rue Vide Gousset
75002 Paris

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