Tarte soleil

Approaching the festive season, I have been looking at party recipes recently and discovered an amazing and joyously easy apéro bites recipe. Nibbles and cocktails, I could have them all night and seeing this recipe I think I will!

I first encountered the 'tarte soleil' while pinning and stumbling upon the French Plus une miette blog. Emilie wrote a whole book about these sunshine pies! They are ridiculously easy to make (but let's not tell anyone) and will definitely wow all your guests instantly.  You eat the rays of sunshine like finger food and don't we all need a bit of sunshine in our hearts and on the table now.

How do you make a 'tarte soleil'?

You need:
two rolls of puff pastry
one baking tray
one glass
one egg yolk and brush
a topping of your choice, mine was two colours pesto and pine nuts - see below for more topping inspiration

Roll out one puff pastry (keep the baking paper under it) on a baking tray.

Cover with your choice of topping: I divided the circle in two, one part green pesto, the other red pesto.  

Spread the topping over the circle but leave a  border of 2 cm, you will need this space to seal the 'tarte'.

Carefully lay the second puff pastry over it and peel off the baking paper of this puff pastry.

Use your thumbs to seal the circle. Brush the top with the egg yolk.

Now place the glass top down in the middle of the circle but carefully, the glass mustn't break the pastry.

The glass will help you with the cutting of the strips: start with cutting the circle in four equal parts, then divided each part in three and then each part in two until you have 24 strips.

Take the glass away and now let's twist! Twist each strip two or three times but make sure the end in the centre doesn't break off.

You bake the tarte in a pre-heated oven according to instructions on the puff pastry package. Some pastry needs 180° C or 200°C, others need more just read the package carefully.

I sprinkled pine nuts over the pastry too, but be very careful because some ovens work harder than others and the pine nuts shouldn't burn!

There are so many other great toppings as well to try, just make sure you don't use big chunks of vegetables or fruit because then it becomes difficult to twist the strips. Also, something that is too liquid won't stay between the pastry layers.

But these flavour combos are yum!
cream cheese and slivers of smoked salmon
ricotta and finely chopped spinach and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese over the pastry
roquefort cream and raisins
pesto and parma ham
Nutella and chopped nuts
Apricot jam and a sprinkle of choppled almonds over the pastry
Chestnut cream

Let your flavour imagination run wild and tell me all about it on InstagramBon appétit!

Un, deux, trois... soleil! (this is also the catchphrase of a children's play we used to do on the playground, ah nostaligia)

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