Ikea and our eating habits

I have been daydreaming about a new kitchen recently. We are not quite there yet but every time I see something kitchen related passing on social media, I am taking notes. Little jump of joy when I received an invite from Ikea to discover their new kitchen and cooking range at an evening with press and bloggers. 

Following their 'Life at home' survey we looked at the results in Belgium. More than 1000 Belgians gave an insight in their cooking and eating habits, with some interesting findings.

Did you know that in Belgium 6 out of 10 families cook at home every day? But also that 1 out of 5 never eats their home cooked meal in the kitchen or at the dinner table. In bed, at our desks, in front of the tv, yes. Even in the bath. There were some frowns when they said this, have you ever? Well, maybe a cup of tea and a biscuit, I admit, while soaking in a bubble bath and reading Vogue magazine. Ahum.
6 out of 10 Belgians grow vegetables or herbs in their house, garden, on their balcony. I am one of them, very proud of my herb garden.

Ikea has listened carefully to what people said in this report and the new collection really is very appealing. I just fell in love with the natural materials and stylish black that was present in the table settings. The cosy stools and wooden tables gave an immediate at-home feeling.
This new approach to how we like to eat is also going to be reflected in the Ikea restaurants. Healthy food takes priority. First with the launch of the veggie balls as an alternative for the famous KÖTTBULLAR meatballs and now also with the promise to use only 100% sustainable fish on their menus. (Belgium will be the first of all Ikea restaurants to offer this). Fruit flavoured water will replace the fizzy drinks and the jams on sale will all be organic. Soft ice is going to be replaced by frozen yoghurt (I tried it the night of the launch and it is yummy!).

Now go quickly to the Ikea website and discover their great new ranges like NORRÅKER (that work bench!) SITTNING (those choppig boards!) and SINNERLIG

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