Forest Vermouth

I have been feeling a bit homesick for the Summer lately and been thinking about happy moments in my garden. Like this day, when we discovered Forest Vermouth and made long drinks all afternoon. Spontaneous parties are the best!
Great to see a revival of this vintage drink in recent years. Vermouth tastes like a good dry wine fortified with fantastic herbal flavours and the new versions that came out in the last years all have their own character and style. 

Jurgen Lijcops who created the four seasonal Forest gins now also distilled the first Belgian vermouth full of interesting herbs and aromatics. One smell of this bottle and you are enchanted, it is like a perfume. The delicacy and at the same time complexity of the herbal botanicals is overwhelming. The French oak barrels in which this vermouth has aged, were chosen carefully to give this drink special body and soul. 

We enjoyed a Forest Vermouth and tonic with a lemon twist, but vermouth is best known as ingredient in the classic Negroni cocktail.

3cl Forest dry gin winter
3cl Forest vermouth 
3cl Campari 
stir everything in short cocktail glass and decorate with a twist of orange zeste

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