The bottle with the artichoke on. Artichoke and alcohol might make you frown a bit but this has been a popular Italian digestivo since 1952. However, there is more than artichoke in this bitter liqueur. It is a blend of 13 aromatic herbs and plants that make this a great after dinner drink. The Cynar tonic combo with a slice of grapefruit is traditional but I recently drank it with orange juice and really liked it.

It belongs to the group of 'amari' the bitter herbal Italian liquors and it definitely has a bitter taste but that makes it perfect to help digest a long meal.

Cynar can replace Campari in the famous Negroni cocktail or vermouth in a Manhattan. More recent it has been appearing as a cocktail in many bars. Jigger's in Ghent has created a remarkable Cynar cocktail served in a jam jar, the Cynar cooler.

And don't forget: you pronounce it 'CEE-NAR' !

Cynar Tonic
5 cl Cynar
15 cl Premium Tonic
Fill a glass with ice and pour the Cynar and Tonic in it, add a slice of grapefruit and some basil leaves. Stir and serve.

Cynar Orange
5 cl Cynar
15 cl freshly squeezed orange juice
Fill a glass with ice and pour the Cynar and orange juice in it, add a slice of orange peel. Stir and serve.

How cute is this Cynar Julep video?

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