The Breakfast club by Smartmat

Those who have been following me on Instagram have seen some great breakfast pictures passing by a few weeks ago. There is a good reason for that:  I was asked to be one of the testers of Smartmat's new breakfast delivery service.

I love breakfast and when I hear someone saying it is the most important meal of the day I am always the one nodding the most in the room. But, there is a but, I am not good at breakfast during the week. Saturdays and Sundays you see me making scrambled eggs with salmon and I take time to grind my coffee beans and make the best slow filter coffee ever to start the day with. Just typing this makes me smile and think of tomorrow's breakfast! However, once it's Monday I am the one holding a paper cup of coffee and a croissant and running for my train or eating a muffin and feeling guilty with every bite for my muffin top ...

Great applause for Smartmat who has changed my morning routine forever now! Their breakfast box made sure I had everything in the house for a whole week of healthy breakfast eating. No quick fix railway station bites in the morning anymore. After their successful meal plan delivery service  - all ingredients for healthy recipes delivered at your door, with recipe cards - Smartmat now has launched a similar DIY breakfast box. 

The breakfast delivery service arrived bang on time and is a big box (yes, it's like Santa Claus standing at your door with a big present!) full of healthy breakfast stuff, all organic and no hidden calories. A big bag of granola, a punnet of fresh strawberries (I couldn't hold myself and had a few the night they arrived!), a bunch of bananas, organic yoghurt, free-range eggs, fruit bursting jam, freshly baked farmer's bread (Smartmat, you have a great bakery!), gouda cheese, an apple, raspberry smoothie, a little bag of raisins and a bag of porridge oats.

It is a real pick and mix box to make a bunch of different combinations and what is even better: they have added four postcards with great recipes on to make sure you get the best out of it.

This is how my healthy Smartmat breakfast week looked like:

Monday: bread with jam, raspberry smoothie, apple
Tuesday: boiled egg with bread and cheese
Wednesday: I had planned to make the banana pancakes recipe they had given but I am not such a banana lover. I tried it but it wasn't really my taste. No worries, I had enough yoghurt, granola and strawberries for two days!
Thursday: day 2 of yoghurt, granola and strawberries and we have a winner, this was my favourite breakfast combination from the box!
Friday: I did eat the banana, but now together with the raisins, yoghurt and porridge oats, yum!

Breakfast delivery service: there is one word that always makes me feel a bit nervous and that is delivery. I am always the one where these things go wrong. Too early, too late, not everything in the box, etc. Now this time I can say 10/10 for Smartmat. I got a confirmation mail well in advance and another one a few days before, in case there would have been a last minute change in my diary. They deliver from 17hr till 23hr, so that gives plenty of time to arrange for someone to be home. And what is even better, the delivery man had the biggest smile and was so friendly too, I will never feel bad again when I see the word 'delivery'!

One final warning: at the end of the recipe list it tells you what will be in the box next week. This is so tempting you will want to order one again straight away!
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