Rooftop lunch in Rotterdam

I visited Rotterdam recently and had a wonderful lunch with photographer and food writer Sophia Van de Hoek. I find her photography very inspiring and meeting her was such a pleasure. We talked about our favourite restaurants and the joy of food photography, she gave me lots of great foodie tips for a next Rotterdam visit and I hope to see her in my hometown Antwerp soon again. 

Sophia picked a fabulous spot for lunch that day: the rooftop of the office block she works in. The Schieblock building is like a creative town where designers, writers, photographers and culinary innovators have found a home. The rooftop has been turned into a vegetable and herb garden - the 'dakakker' - and is the largest city rooftop garden in Europe, 1000 m2. The 'penthouse' serves every Wednesday lunchtime as a local kitchen and cantine, serving seasonal food often freshly picked from the topfloor garden.

The menu offers a couple of plates, tapas style to share. It is flavoursome, organic homecooking with a touch of world cuisine. We had roast beef salad with horseradish sauce, a herb quiche and couscous sushi rolls. The homemade lemonade was a treat. When I talked to the chef from caterer Food Rhapsody, she mentioned she likes to cook all things she loves to eat herself. She said it with a sparkle  in her eye. 

The garden still looked bare last month but I am sure it is getting in full bloom now. Check out their facebook page for the weekly changing menu and make sure you visit Rotterdam on a Wednesday. It's a great experience to see the city skyline surrounded by a garden!

Next door to the Schieblock building is GROOS, a great design shop where you can buy the work from Rotterdam artists. One to browse in and then be undecisive about what to buy, I loved it all. Great selection of design and cookbooks and magazines too. The delicatessen corner brought the foodie out in me again and I went home with a pot of boerenpaté.

Schieblock Dakcafé
Schiekade 189

Schiekade 203

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