De Bakkerswinkel in Rotterdam

I am sure my great hotel in Rotterdam had an equally great breakfast buffet but the sun was shining so invitingly that morning that I had to get out and walk to the Bakkerswinkel only 10 minutes away.
De Bakkerswinkel is a bakery shop where you can have breakfast en lunch overlooking the river. It took sometime before I foudn on which corner of the big Oostplein square it was, look at the riverside and you will find it! It is housed in a red brick stately house with high ceilings and large windows where it is great sitting in the morning sun.

You have a choice of five types of breakfast all with in-house baked breads. I went for the typical Dutch raising bread with raspberry jam, sweet tooth that I am! ANother typical Dutch drink you won't find in other countries on the menu is 'karnemelk' the butter milk I used to loive as a child. There are also some great scones on the menu and even a full high tea. Must feel swish having this watching the boats float by.

There is a Bakkerswinkel in Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Zoetermeer too. More to discover!

De Bakkerswinkel Rotterdam
Schiedamse Vest 99a
3012 BH Rotterdam

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