Halloumi red quinoa salad

I have been trying to keep the meat and fish eating to a minimum this Lent and pushed myself to make vegetarian recipes that are new to me and last week I made this delicious halloumi salad. I had some not so good halloumi experiences before and thought I didn't like it so much, the texture can become rubbery I found. The trick however is to grill or fry  it for just a moment and eat it before it gets cold.

Halloumi comes originally from Cyprus. It looks a bit like feta cheese and it is also quite salty in taste. It hardly melts when you grill it, that's why you see it in bbq recipes. When you fry it, like I did you get a golden crispy outside and soft inside that makes it really yummy. 

Slice the halloumi and fry it on both sides in a little bit of olive oil for a minute or two, make sure the outside is golden not too brown. 
I served it with a red quinoa and boiled sweet potato salad, some pomegranate sprinkled over it and an extra vitamin boost with watercress leaves. 
Great with a Greek yoghurt and lemon dressing. 

For a veggie colourful lunch!

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