Beer tasting - Part 2

Our last beer tasting brought us to Brussels, where Els and I and a group of female food bloggers were invited by Beer & Food Magazine. Their theme this month is Women and Beer, with special guest editor Sofie Van Rafelghem.  It was an evening of discovering three Chimay trappist beers and their accompanying Chimay cheeses.

Chimay beers are called trappist beers because they fulfill the three criteria:
- brewed in an abbey
- by monks
- part of the revenue is donated to charity

First we tasted the Chimay Red which has a caramel-like flavour that worked really well with the slight bitterness of the Chimay Rouge cheese. This was the first Chimay trappist beer made by the Chimay monks in 1862. The flavour has changed over the years but stayed close to the original recipe. 

The second Chimay White was more hop-like in taste and was accompanied by the creamy Chimay Grande Classique cheese. Don't get confused by the 'White' this is a trappist beer, that's why people also call this a Chimay Triple. 

Third one we tasted was the Chimay Blue and the only Chimay beer that has a date on the label. This beer is produced to age and was originally made as a special beer for Christmas (1948). It is the strongest of the three and the longer you keep it the more profound the aromas will become. It had a sweeter taste than the others and was accompanied by the equally blue wrapped Chimay Blue cheese . This cheese is washed in the beer itself which gives it a distinct malty taste. 

The tasting took place in a Brussels cafĂ©: De Monk. More about this great beer pub later! 

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