Sweet potato tart

I am following Days without meat for Lent, it is a food movement in Belgium that wants to encourage people to eat less meat and fish for 40 days. I have always loved vegetarian food and I don't eat lots of meat anyway, so I thought it would be an easy effort. And it is, but as usual when you can't eat something you crave it even more. Especially fish. But I have been good till now and only ate fish one day.
To make it more interesting I am trying out new vegetarian recipes I haven't made before. This sweet potato tart was a perfect appetizer with the Friday evening apéro last week. I am a big fan of goats cheese and sweet potato and the thin layer of red pesto gave it that extra kick.

Happy veggie weekend!

Sweet potato tart

Puff pastry
Sweet potato
Red onion
Red pesto
Goats cheese
Thyme leaves

Thinly slice the peeled sweet potato and red onion. Roll the puff pastry out in a baking tin and pierce a few times with a fork. Brush a little bit of red pesto on the pastry and cover with one layer of the thin slices sweet potato and red onion. Crumble goats cheese over it and a little bit of fresh thyme leaves.
Bake in the oven following the directions on the pastry package.

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