Pimpinelle and the vegetable peelers by Malle W. Trousseau

In the week before Christmas I got spoiled rotten and it wasn't Santa who brought me presents... I won a set of three vegetable peelers from the fabulous Brussels Kitchen girls and top cookware boutique Pimpinelle. Who ever read the 'about me' on this blog will know that vegetable peelers are my favourite kitchen tools. I was over the moon when I found out I had not only won one of these design beauties but three: one for vegetables, one for thin peels like tomatoes and one for Julienne strips. (Courgette spaghetti on the menu soon!)

I have been a fan of the Brussels Kitchen blog for a while now, they always give the best tips on places to eat and drink in Brussels and cities they visit. Recently they also started with a section on hotels they love to stay in during their travels.

Pimpinelle in the centre of Brussels is a walhalla for anybody who loves cooking. This is a kitchenware shop with that extra touch: all the products you can buy here are so well chosen. Top quality but also top design, from the smallest whisk to top brand cooking pans - the ones that last more than a lifetime. Every item here will stand out in your kitchen. Needless to say I made myself a wishlist for the next fifty birthdays.  You find vintage treasures at Pimpinelle but also high modern design. I love the British-made Falcon enamelware bake and pie sets with the iconic blue rim. Keep an eye on my Instagram they might be popping up soon.

Aline who owns Pimpinelle also organises great ateliers créatives and cooking workshops. From learning how to make a Korean bibimbap to the secrets of Portugese cuisine, all you kitchen princesses should gave a look at the Pimpinelle website now to check the dates. My great friend and Indian cuisine expert Apolina Fos from Bombay-Bruxelles blog is teaching there too!

For those of you who don't know the kitchen tools of Malle W. Trousseau, look at the photo below where you see a box - container size - with three shelves full of top design cooking pots and kitchen utensils. It's a collection of the best of the best and my vegetables peelers are part of that 43 items box. It's every chef's dream! One tray contains all the cooking utensils, one all the cutting tools and one all the containing parts.
Every object is made with craftsmanship and timeless design. From the apron made of calf's leather in blacksmith's style -almost too nice to wear in the kitchen - to the Japanese state-of-the-art knifes and my vegetable peelers made with Swiss precision, all are top products. You can buy a selection of Malle W. Trousseau products separately, but just imagine you are presented with this box! It can only be the best wedding gift ever! 

Rue de Flandre 57
1000 Brussels

Brussels Kitchen

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