Elvea is 130

The best tomatoes are blue.
Yes, they are! Well, they are in a blue wrapped tin: Elvea. This year the famous Italian tinned tomato producer is blowing out 130 candles and I was invited to their anniversary party in Antwerp a few weeks ago. The location they chose for the evening was very special: their first warehouse from where the tomatoes were shipped to America 130 years ago. Because that is the story of how Elvea began: two brothers, Luigi and Francesco Vitelli who had emigrated to Amerika and missed their homeland Italian tomatoes to make pasta sauces, started to import tins of tomatoes. Transport across the ocean was by boat these days and the tins left from Antwerp to America.

Elvea produces more than just tinned tomatoes now, their range of  products also includes the tins with tomato cubes and flavoured cubettis, which I like to use in my pasta sauce, the concentrates and pulp (polpa).

It was an evening of celebrating but also of discovering new products. This year Elvea has got some great new innovative products on the shelves and we had a little taste of appetizers made with:
The Elvea Cubetti Puttanesca, a tin of flavoured cubed tomatoes with olives and capers like the famous Napoli sauce
The Elvea Pomo e Pepperoni tomato concentrate that works really well added to your tomato sauce and in the recipe below!
The Elvea Semi-sundried tomato slices, that can make any dish summery.

On top of that there will be three limited edition products in 2015 exclusively for Elvea fans, with a very special tin of peeled yellow tomatoes as one of the top products.
Find out how you can win a Selezione del Maestro yellow tomatoes tin and many other prizes with the Elvea selfie competition:  www.elvea.be/nl/selvea

I used the Pomo e Pepperoni tomato concentrate at home on this quick and tasty pita bread pizza recipe:

Pita bread pizza

Cut a pita bread in two and spread a thin layer of Pomo e Peperoni over both sides. Cover with toppings of your choice, I like sliced mozzarella, courgette and cubed fresh tomatoes and sprinkle with dried Italian herbs. Grill in the oven until the cheese starts to melt.

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