There is a new sweet in town!

Mark 14th feb in your diary. Not only Valentine's day but the launch day of this new pastry! Boule de New York, especially created by top patissier Fabrice Collignon

A croissant-like donut with speculoos and a crunchy layer of salted caramel. I say yum! Only available at selected coffee shops, check it out:
Fabrice Colligon
Waterloosesteenweg 637
1050 Brussel

Caffènation, Mechelsesteenweg 16, 2000 Antwerpen
OR Espresso Bar, Rue A. Ortsstraat 9, 1000 Brussel
OR Espresso Bar, Place Jourdan 13A, 1040 Etterbeek
OR Espresso Bar, Walpoortstraat 26, 9000 Gent
Sweet coffee, Botermarkt 15, 3500 Hasselt
Viva Sara Kaffée, Grote Markt 33, 8500 Kortrijk
Punto Caffè, Leopold Vanderkelenstraat 17a, 3000 Leuven
Get Your Mug., 17 rue des carmes, 4000 Luik
Beans, Ijzerenleen 37, 2800 Mechelen

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